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10 Tips to Boost Online Traffic and Conversions via YouTube Ads

by Joseph Dyson
A team working on YouTube Ads marketing.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by the largest: Google. YouTube Ads marketing can be an investment, but with the right approach, you can get a solid return on that investment. With over a billion users, YouTube has become the go-to platform for online video advertising.

YouTube advertising, when done correctly, can send floods of traffic to your e-commerce site and dramatically increase the number of visitors who become paying customers. But YouTube ads are notoriously difficult to get right. Many advertisers fail to see a positive return on their investment (ROI). In this post, you will learn the best practices that are used to create high-performing campaigns so that you can increase your online traffic and conversions with YouTube Ads.

1. Show A Call To Action

You want people to click through to your website after clicking on your YouTube ads, so make sure you include a call to action in your video. If you’re running an ad that’s 10 seconds long, include a visual CTA at the end of it. For example, you could show text that says “Visit our website” and a link to it. You could also include audio that says something like “Click here to learn more” as the video ends. Make sure your advertisement links to a relevant page on your site. It can be super frustrating when people go from your ad to your site but are unable to find what they are looking for.

2. Include Good Keywords

You can’t expect people to watch your videos if nobody knows they exist. This is why you should use the right keywords in your video title, description, tags, and video file name. YouTube has an auto-complete function that can help you find the best keywords. You can also find these keywords by analyzing the content of popular videos as well as through free and paid keyword research tools.

Brainstorming for YouTube Ads marketing.

Titles are what get people’s interest, so you should spend time thinking of something catchy while also including relevant keywords. The first few words are most important because they are what appear on search results. The same thing goes with descriptions, although you don’t have to worry as much about this because most people just skip it anyway. Also, always add subtitles or captions to your videos as not everyone speaks English.

3. Target the Right Segment

Choosing the right audience is a key component of any successful advertising campaign. The same goes for YouTube ads. With the help of Google Analytics, use the keywords and data from your website traffic to target specific user segments with YouTube ads. This will reduce customer acquisition costs and increase your marketing return on investment.

4. Make Creative YouTube Ads

With so many videos and e-commerce businesses, YouTube ads are constantly fighting to get a piece of their audience’s attention. They’re competing against millions of videos on the platform, and there’s no guarantee that your target audience won’t just skip it.

This is why the video ad has to be very compelling. The video itself is just as important as the targeting or keywords being used. Don’t be afraid to test different creative ideas with varying messaging to see what works best for your company. However, make sure the message you share is consistent with your other marketing efforts so that when consumers reach your website, they’re already familiar with what they will see there.

5. Optimize Your YouTube Ads for Mobile Viewing

Most people view videos on phones or tablets, which is why you need to make sure that your YouTube ads look good on those devices as well. Use thumbnails that are well optimized and of high quality. Also, try to brainstorm mobile-friendly video titles. Furthermore, make sure to optimize your videos to be audio independent with crystal clear visuals that communicate the message loud and clear without sound. Subtitles and captions can also prove to be helpful, but the most effective tool is a visually engaging video. Lastly, mobile videos are built over a simple hierarchy: visual cues that easily outweigh audio messaging. In order to attain greater impact with your text, ensure that you establish a visual hierarchy.

6. Use Testimonial Video Ads

Video testimonials are a great way to generate leads for your website. By featuring happy customers talking about their experience with your company, you can show potential users that you’re authentic and reliable. Consumers believe what other people say about a company than what the company itself says. That’s why using customer testimonial videos ads is a sure-shot way to drive up leads to your website.

7. Encourage Interactions

YouTube users are a powerful community. Apart from the video content, the comments are also part of the whole experience. People can spend hours commenting or reading comments. The best comments get voted up with a thumbs up of approval. If you want to earn their loyalty, then start replying to these active users and capitalize on their interests. Interacting with viewers via comments can help increase conversions.

Try to think of creative ways to draw out responses from the people. For example, if you run an online ed-tech company that does explainer videos on complicated topics such as programming, then you can create a competition where you ask the people to comment on their GitHub pages with the best code for the problem you shared. You can give the winner complimentary access to one of your courses for a limited period.

8. Give Your Users a Reason to Visit Your Website

You did all the hard work and produced a great video that the viewers watched till the very end. Now what? The next step is to make sure they visit your website. To do this, you need to give them a solid reason. You need to reward them for taking the time out of their busy schedule and watching your content. For example, if you are running a cooking channel and want to promote a premium cooking class online on another platform such as Skillshare, then you could offer them an ebook on a particular recipe as a gift in return for them visiting your website and subscribing to your email list.

9. Do YouTube Live Streaming

In this digital age, live streaming has become one of the most popular ways to share events with friends, family, and even customers. Live streaming can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. By creating interesting and engaging content, businesses can attract new customers and build relationships with current ones. And by using platforms like YouTube, businesses can reach a large audience at a minimal cost. For example, if you are running a fashion brand, then you can live stream content during Fashion Week in Milan.

10. Drive Traffic With How-to Videos

When you use product explainer videos and give customers a demonstration of how it feels to use your product, customers will start to increase your company. Make sure to film and edit the videos professionally through a YouTube Advertising Agency such that viewers feel like they’re right there, experiencing the service or product firsthand.

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