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A Beginners Guide to Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

by Joseph Dyson
Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

Planning to sponsor your spouse to Canada? If yes, you need all the necessary details to file the case for prompt approval. One small mistake can put your whole case in jeopardy, so it’s best to hire an experienced lawyer for immigration. Spousal Sponsorship in Canada – You need to follow the whole protocol to get your case approved in no time.

A married couple

Before starting it, what does it actually mean to sponsor someone? Spousal Sponsorship in Canada – The sponsor is the person who signs an undertaking to offer financial support to the person. The financial support is basically for the food, dental care, health needs, clothing, shelter, etc. of the person that you’re sponsoring.

Can You Become a Sponsor?

Any person who is 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, not receiving social assistance, and can cover the person’s basic needs can sponsor their spouse.

You won’t be able to become anyone’s sponsor if you have not repaid an immigration loan, failed to pay for family support payments, or have not paid for a performance bond. You cannot become your spouse’s sponsor if you’re convicted of a sexual or violent offence as well. Besides, bankruptcy, removal order, etc., will also limit you to apply for your spouse.

It’s on you to make sure that the person you’re sponsoring won’t ask the government for social assistance. If they take Spousal Sponsorship in Canada social assistance,it’s on you to pay for it. You will be limited to sponsor for anyone else unless the amount taken from social assistance is repaid.

The sponsorship remains valid for the undertaking period regardless of the situation. For instance, if the sponsored person becomes a Canadian citizen, you are separated or divorced from the sponsored person, or if you start to have financial issues.

How Much Time is Required to Sponsor Your Spouse?

Remember that sponsorships take time and can’t be completed overnight. It will take at least 12 months for the entire process. Often the cases are processed even before 12 months, depending on the Spousal Sponsorship in Canada situation and luck. Complicated cases usually take more time, requiring more verifications that lead to potential delays. You might even have to submit additional proof to the visa office for further verifications.

A married couple

It’s important to complete the whole process accurately in the first go for fast application processing. Several law firms can help you with the process as well.

Cost of Spouse Sponsorship

Sponsoring your spouse to Canada will charge you around $1200 if there are no additional dependents. On the other hand, it might cost you an additional $150 for each dependent child. The original fees are Spousal Sponsorship in Canada the breakdown of sponsorship, biometrics, right of permanent residence, and principal applicant processing fees.

The price of the sponsorship can be different for Quebec residents. It’s important to verify the application fee with your province or territory as it’s subject to change.

Do You Need to Work to Sponsor Your Spouse?

Unlike other parts of the world, Canada is not rigid in providing for the spouse. You don’t necessarily have to do a job to show that you’re capable of supporting your spouse. However, you will be signing an undertaking that requires you to submit the proof in the court that you can cover your partner’s basic needs. The document must mention how you will be providing for your spouse to make a strong case.

Does the Spouse Need a Job Offer to be considered for Sponsorship?

Your spouse does not need a job offer to be considered for spousal sponsorship. They are already eligible under the spousal sponsorship program; therefore, you can directly fill out their application. It’s necessary to fill out all the authentic information in the form to save yourself from all the hassle.

Hire an Expert Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga for Spousal Sponsorship

Filing for spousal sponsorship is not a piece of cake, especially if you have a complicated case. It’s essential to Spousal Sponsorship in Canada get legal representation to speed up the visa process and call your spouse to Canada as quickly as possible.

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