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Libas e Jamila Clothing Brand

Libas e Jamila is UK based brand which provides you every kind of Eastern clothes. There are many varieties in Eastern clothes and Libas e Jamila will provide you every kind of variety. Ladies need best attires for themselves in which they look elegant and good. Libas e Jamila gives you what you want. All you want is best fabric and good colours with a blast combination.

Eastern clothes:

Women living in UK must be missing their eastern clothes there. But we are providing you all eastern clothes. Eastern clothes includes many types of clothes. Such as, Shalwar kameez, sharara, gharara, lehnga, kurta pajama, sarree. All these types are part of Asian dresses. People who are from Asian countries must be missing clothes of Asia can have a look on our clothes. YOU WILL GET YOUR TASTE OF CLOTHES HERE!

We provide you best Fabric:

There are different type of fabrics in shalwar kameez which makes you look beautiful and different from others. Fabric plays a very important role in Asian clothes because elegance of clothes occurs through good fabric. But yes, if you are not wearing good fabric than you must be looking not that good in those clothes but if you are wearing good fabric than definitely you will shine in all women. And women always want to shine in all gatherings either it’s Eid, a birthday party or a casual meeting. All you need is good fabric with good combination of colours.

Asian dresses:

There are many different Asian dresses which makes you look beautiful, some of them are Shalwar kameez, Sharara, Gharara, kurta pajama, Sarree etc.

  • Sharara:

A sharara dress is also known as a Farsi pajama and consists of wide pants that imitate the look of a lehenga or ghaghra style. A sharara suit UK ideally consists of three parts namely, the kurta, the wide-legged pants, and a dupatta or veil. Sharara can be wear in weddings and big functions like Eid. Mostly ladies like to wear sharara on weddings because it looks perfect on them. Libas e Jamila provides you different designs of shararas which you will absolutely love.

  1. Shalwar kameez:

Shalwar kameez is a popular Indian and Pakistani traditional casual and formal wear. That’s a perfect combination of style and comfort. Hence, classic women salwar suits are designed with medium or long-length kameez which can be paired with a loose or solid-fitting salwar or trouser along with a dupatta. This fashion style is popular among professional, housewife, and unmarried women. Because they are very comfortable and easy to wear. Shalwar kameez can be made in different styles according to your choice and design.

  • Gharara:

Gharara is an Asian dress wear by Women of Pakistan and India. This dress is similar to sharara and there is minor difference between them. In gharara we use less fabric as compare to sharara because sharara is always made up of more fabric. Gharara has a combination of wearing shirt with it.

  • Sari:

Sari is a kind of traditional attire for women in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other South Asian countries. It is made of silk, net, cotton, soft and thin. Sari has the most beautiful feelings of women, full of mysterious beauty. Saris are mostly worn by married women, and also by young girls in major festivals or festive activities.

Sari is usually wrapped around an ankle-length petticoat, from the waist to the heel in a straight skirt shape, and then the end hem is draped over the left shoulder or right shoulder. The top, known as Guli, is a low collar short sleeve corset designed according to the curve of the upper body, emphasizing the curve of women.

Choosing best colours:

The Colour you wear tells a lot about your personal preferences, your mood, your likes and dislikes and more importantly your character. But many times, the colour of an outfit you choose is determined by the ambiance of the occasion or event you are attending. Colours play a crucial role in all types of clothing, be it western dresses or traditional salwar suits. Wearing an Asian dress with the right colour not only makes you look and feel good but also helps to improve confidence and self-esteem. It is essential to choose the right colour combination for dress as per your skin tone.

We provide what you are searching for!

Libas e Jamila provides you every type of clothes with best fabric and catchy colours. Good and catchy colours make you look beautiful because your clothes is a part what you are showing to other people. If you are wearing elegant clothes with good designs then automatically you will look good. And if you want to look best on every event or in normal life then you must check our clothes. You will surely find your type of clothes here. So yes ladies? GO FOR IT!

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