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Everything to Know About Cornhole Game

by stylz
About Cornhole Game

You may call it bean bag, corn toss, bean toss, Indiana horseshoes, soft horseshoes or Cornhole. This is perhaps the most American sport you can find in the world and there is no denying that. Cornhole is a summer game that is loved by people of all ages and it is especially played at fairs and carnivals over the summer. About Cornhole Game

But that is not all. This game is often played during tailgating, BBQ parties in the neighborhood and even at bars. This is a game that people of all ages enjoy playing and kill time with. This is a game that will have you spending hours with your friends and have a grand time at the same time. 

If you are thinking about investing in a Cornholegame and you are not sure if this is for you, here is everything you need to know about it before you get a set for yourself and your friends who might be coming over for a party. 

A Brief History 

Cornhole is a lawn game in which any number of players can play. The first mentions of the game appear as early as 1883. Back then, the board used to have a square hole rather than a round hole, which is the biggest difference you will find.

The actual place or origin of the game is not known and that speaks volumes about the popularity of this game. Some historians believe the origins of the game goes as far back as the Blackhawk tribe, but the actual patent of the games to Heyliger de Windt in 1883. 

How Is It Played?

It consists of a raised platform with a hole made in the far end of it. The players have to throw 16-ounce bags. Each bag that lands on the board will get 1 core for the player and each bag that goes through the hole will earn them 3 points. The game continues until a player or a team has reached 21 points. 

What Are Some Terms You Should Know?

There are certain terms that you should know if you plan on playing this game and want to teach your friends to play it as well. Here are some terms that you should know. 

The bag that hits the board or remains on it is called a boarder or a woody.

A bag that goes through the hole in the board is called a holer, a corn hole or simply a corn in the hole. If you throw two bags through the hole, it called a “Dos cornhole” and if you can manage to throw three bags through the hole it is called a “holy moly triple cornholy.”

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If a player counterattacks another player’s scoring attempt, the other player says “get that corn outta my face.”

When a player manages to place all of their bags on the playing board, its called “corn on the cob.” When the players are lucky enough to toss all of the bags through hole, it’s called “nothin’ but corn.”

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