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How to Configure Netgear N300 Wireless Router?

by samantha23

Netgear N300 wireless router is universal plug and play router that comes with detachable antennas. Its control panel makes it simple to control and manage your home wireless network. Well, setting up Netgear N300 wireless does not require an installation CD. With a single visit to routerlogin.net web page you can configure your Netgear router. So, if you are looking for the Netgear router setup steps, you are on the right page. Just go-through with the complete article.

When you start setting up your Netgear N300 wireless router manually, you need to visit Netgear router setup web page to make any customization with the router’s wireless settings.Somehow, if routerlogin.net not working, you can log into Netgear router via its default IP address.

Steps to Set Up Netgear N300 WiFi Router

First of all, carefully unbox your brand new Netgear N300 WiFi router.

Connect your Netgear router to modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Connect power adapter to router.

Plug in the power adapter to an electric power outlet.

Wait for a few minutes, until the power LED not turn into solid green.

After that, connect Netgear N300 WiFi router to your computer or laptop for customization.

Run any of your favorite web browsers on your computer.

Visit Netgear router login web page.

Enter the Netgear N300 router default login credentials, and then hit on the ‘Login’ button. If you have changed the default login credentials, then enter the personalized login credentials.

You can easily find the default login credentials at the back side of the router or in its user manual.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Netgear router.

Once done, hit on the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes.

Steps for Setting SSID & Wireless Security Manually

  • Default wireless network SSID name for N300 wireless router is named as ‘NetgearN300’.
  • Netgear N300 wireless router’s default security passphrase key is not configured, therefore, it’s good to configure Netgear router strong passphrase key.
  • Visit routerlogin.net web page.
  • A pop-up will display on the screen asking for Netgear router default login credentials.
  • After that, hit on the ‘Log In’ button.
  • You will land on the Netgear router admin panel web page.
  • Next, click on the ‘Wireless Settings’ after that hit on the ‘Wireless Network & Security’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Wireless Network SSID and default SSID’.
  • Select the ‘Region Time’ in which your router is placed.
  • Now, select the ‘Channel’, if is not mandatory to change the default channel settings until you not face any obstruction.
  • Next, you do not need to make any modification in ‘Mode’ option.
  • On further step you will see that Security Options are fix to none.
  • In the end, hit on the Apply & Save button to save the changes made from your end.

So, here you are completely done with the Netgear N300 wireless router setup. Somehow, if you face any issue while configuring your Netgear router? Get in touch with us through comments. We will assist you well.

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