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How Do I Open the DApp Browser in Trust Wallet on an iPhone?

by info.webfrenz

A lot of people use Trust Wallet to pay money and take part in different transactions. But due to recent changes, Apple users can no longer use the DApp browser on any iOS device. Let me tell you that, the DApp browser i.e. Decentralized Application helps to connect different Dapps on your Trust wallet browser. 

But, there is a way that the users can use to enable the DApp browser on trust wallet on an iPhone. So, go through our guide and make the same changes on your iOS device.  

What Exactly is the Trust wallet DApp Browser?

Before we go on to tell you about the process to add DApp browser on the trust wallet, first know about the use of it. You can use a trust wallet to interact with any DApp vis the help of the DApp browser. Trust wallet dapp provides a safe connection between you and any other DApps like PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, and UniSap. 

Add DApp Browser to Trust Wallet on an iPhone

To include trust wallet dapps ios, you have to install the trust wallet on your device first. Make sure that you have a Binance account to use the DApp browser and the trust wallet. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser and then enter https://trust://browser_enable/
  2. When the screen asks you to ‘Open this page in trust?” select Yes and proceed to enable browser trust wallet
  3. The trust wallet application will open the DApp browser and then it will be enabled.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Browser’ option in the taskbar. Carefully look through it; you can also look for it in the menu. 
  5. This feature will ensure that you can then use any Dapp application on your trust wallet from the DApp browser feature. 

We hope that you know how to add dapp to the trust wallet as it is very important if you are using the Trust wallet to make payments and partake in transactions. This is a very serious process so, you should not make any incorrect selection. 

Hope you can use this guide for your benefit. 

For more read – https://dribbble.com/shots/17239081-How-to-Enable-DApp-Browser-on-Android-or-iPhone-IOS

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