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3 Best UI Design Practices to Boost Conversion Rates

by David Robert
Best UI Design Practices to Boost Conversion Rates

3 Best UI Design Practices to Boost Conversion Rates

Your user interface has a direct impact on your conversion rates; here’s how web design in Toronto can impact this metric.

Your user interface (UI) has a big impact on how visitors interact with your website. It also plays a strong part in how well your website can convert visitors into customers.

Say, for example, if you were expecting your company website to convert well in the last year, but did not get the results you were hoping for, then it’s high time you learn the best ways to boost conversions now.

Consider increasing the conversion rates of your website by improving the UI or user interface this year.

Remember, it is your UI or better said as user interface that provides the roadmap or framework for your UX or user experience. To be precise, every website owner would want their users to get a hassle-free experience.

So, if you haven’t overhauled your website design in a while or just know it could still use some tweaks, consider these three UI design practices that are known to help boost conversion rates.

Specific taglines in web design in Toronto

Clarity beats being clever whenever it comes to your website’s tagline. You only have seconds to get your customer’s attention. So your pitch has to be clear and easy to understand.

If you have a coffee shop, for example, a tagline that mentions how great your coffee is in some way tells your visitors exactly what you are offering, leading to a better conversion rate.

A coffee shop with a tagline referencing an obscure part of the brewing process is a clever, fun idea, but it won’t land with the majority of your visitors and could even confuse some people regarding what you are serving.

The option of a test drive

If you can allow your customers to sample your services or products in some way, it will become easier to lead them down a path to action.

After all, most people are far more comfortable buying something once they have some real experience with it. Best UI Design Practices to Boost Conversion Rates

If there’s a way to offer a trial version or membership of what you are selling, it should be a part of your web design in Toronto.

 For products or services for which a free trial or sample just isn’t feasible, include some sort of free content in your website that gives visitors an idea of what type of information or services you can provide.

Another bonus here is that you can use free info and content to add people to your mailing list and boost your marketing efforts.

Solid, informative and relevant content can help boost your website’s rankings on major search engines.

 Smaller actions instead of one large one

 Most people respond more favourably to a series of smaller, connected requests than they do to one big request.

For example, having a visitor complete a short, simple survey before asking them to go through a more in-depth intake process for a membership or service might make it more likely they will commit later. Known as the “foot in the door” technique, the idea is to get a small “yes” from visitors before trying to get a bigger one.

 When you get people in a more positive state of mind, they’re more willing to give you the “yes” that leads to a sale.

Use small actions instead of just big ones across your website to take advantage of that fact.

Conclusion |Best UI Design Practices to Boost Conversion Rates

There are other important points to note down. Like eliminating unnecessary options (which means reducing the links that can create risks by taking your visitors away), focusing on what is important (which means the design elements are perfect and draws the eye to the primary CTA or call to action of your page.

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This includes visible fonts, highlights stronger contrasts etc), repeating the call to action mode with proper visibility and prominence etc.

If your UI design isn’t what users are expecting, you’ll have a much harder time convincing them to stay on your website, let alone try your product or service.

Your website is your first impression for many people, so it’s important to make it count. For a design overhaul or update, contact a professional web design firm today.

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