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Understanding the School ERP Software and What It Has To Offers In 2022

by rabia
Understanding the School ERP Software and What It Has To Offers In 2022

The school ERP software has an enormous demand nowadays. Basically, the growth of ERP software programs centralizes and automates all the business processes and covers all the information that is outdated and leaked from the system. By using the School ERP software, You can easily automate all the school activities and business operations that will help to increase the business profit and growth. But every school has different activities and business operations. So according to their requirements, they need customizations, and maybe they need some extra additional modules as well. A manufacturing company works differently than an educational institute. Any educational institute requires a robust student  management system, examinations management system, fees management system and many more. 

Any school, college or university has staff members to take care of this. Basically the school teachers, parents and the others are involved directly or indirectly  quickly. Data that needs to be transferred and handled is really important with the possibility of minimum errors. Everything needed to be using a single education ERP system is a very tough proposition. All the administrators need to get access to information from all the staff and stakeholders that are using this system.   Implementation of ERP means you need to do less paperwork and there is more productivity across all the departments. SO there will be very minimal errors in recording and transmitting the data.  

The school ERP software has multiple levels of interactions. Let’s discuss these levels of interactions step-by step in details

School Web Portals 

There are different ways a portal can make communication successful easily. These school web portals offer the great relevant School staff and the parents according to their skills set to make the school accessible to them can easily use the school ERP software. Let’s discuss some web portals . 

Staff Portal 

The staff portal manages everything related to staff, including the class schedules, examinations schedules and the many workshops, etc.  

Parent Portal 

It created a parent portal for the use of the parents. The parents use it to see the examination information, results and the meetings with the staff or the teachers to get access to the relevant information. 

Students Portal 

Faculty Portal 

Faculty portal has significant features including scheduling the classes, handout the assignments, exams checking, uploading the attendance and interaction with the students and the parents. 

Modules of School ERP software 

The school ERP software has many modules. These modules could easily integrate  with each other and the business operations can be easily automated and streamlined. We will discuss here some important modules here as fellows: 

  1. Interactive Learning management System 

Learning management system (LMS) has a centralized approach to  learning. It deals all about the learning materials, real-time classes discussion, structures assignments submission, and the approvals for the students. Learning management systems can be very basic and the most advanced version, and all the things are depending on the complexity of the system. 

  1. Human Resource Management System 

The school ERP software has the HR management module where all the staff data can be recorded. The staff data includes salaries, personal details, experiences and generation of the salary slips. The school can post their jobs online on the website using this software where the different candidates can apply online. 

  1. Timetable Management 

Timetable management is a very well known module. It can easily handle every transaction within a system easily. The timetable management module needs to have a great focus in creating, maintaining and changing the timetable. The students should also have access to create the timetable for the self studies and the collaborative studies. 

  1. Library Management 

The library management module deals with the actions that need to happen in the library. The students can easily register for the books that they need to receive from the library. With the automation, the students don’t need to worry about the books because they can easily search the book and can register themselves easily. 

  1. Accounts Management 

Using the accounts’ management module, This is very easy to handle a single transaction within the system. The accounting management module includes the general ledger, expense /income expenditures, taxation, receivables and many others, etc. 

  1.  Admission Management 

The admission management module handles and automates all the admission process. It handles the student application, registration process, registration cards and many more. 

  1.  Exams and the grade management 

This module handles grades and the exams’ management. It calculates automatically and inserts the grades into the different reports using this module. 


We have gone through the different web portals and modules that are supported by school ERP software. The school ERP software is more refined towards the different requirements and might not be looking to the other industries or verticals. eSchool software is the open source educational software needed to implement in schools, colleges and the universities. 

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