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What Is an Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Site?

by Loona
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If you are a movie and series binge watcher but could not get, find the one that interests you the most. If you are not able to get any movie or show to watch for free, then you should try finding some on the Extratorrent proxy mirror site.

Extratorrent was one of the most popular websites which provided its users with the free download of movies and shows. Unfortunately, the website is no longer in existence. The reason behind the shutdown of the website is the publication of copied content. Most of the videos of episodes of various shows and movies were copied from different sources. This comes under the offence of breaking the copyright law under the law enforcement rules of several countries. Thus, the website was banned long back and now, you cannot use Extratorrents for movies search.

However, you do not have to worry about it as nowadays there are several websites present on the internet which are similar to the Extratorrent website which are called Extratorrent proxy or mirror sites. It is also interesting to note that all these websites have a similar looking domain name as the extratorrent search on the internet was very high.

As also mentioned before, these sites constantly remain in the threat of being shut down by the government due to copied content. Therefore, most of these websites are not accessible directly. In order to get into a website and do the download, you must use a VPN. It can be easily downloaded as several options are present in the app store of your device. After downloading, connect to it and select the server of the country in which the Extratorrent proxy mirror site is not banned. After doing so, you will be able to enter any of these websites you desire.

On any of the websites, you can get the movie and show of your liking, for free. You can even choose the movie which you want to download from the enormous collection of their movies by browsing through their wide range of categories. Also, the videos are easily downloadable and while downloading any video, you get to choose its downloading quality which often lies in the 360p to 1080p resolution range.

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