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The Best Cheap Laptop Deals of Year

by MarilynMatias

Getting a cheap laptop these days is almost like getting a regular laptop. The best cheap laptops are like the ones that people buy for themselves or get as gifts because they don’t cost much money. The deals on cheap laptops are amazing; you can snag an HP laptop for under $100, which used to be unheard of.

The deals for cheap laptops last all year round, but there are definitely times of the year when you can get the best laptop deals. The beginning of the school year is always popular for cheap laptops; there are literally thousands of Best Buy, Walmart and other chain store sales on laptops during the back to school season.

What to Look When Buying a Laptop Online?

If you are looking for the best cheap laptop, then probably you will be buying it online. There are thousands of websites today that offer laptops with affordable price tags, even though they may not be exactly budget laptops. But these days there are new websites on the market offering quality laptops at extremely low prices.

When you buy a laptop from an unknown website, one of the most important things to consider is customer service. You want to make sure that any issues or problems that come up after your purchase will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Some companies outsource their customer support services overseas; this can present language translation issues which can delay getting solutions if something goes wrong with your laptop.

Obviously you need to check out a website before making a purchase. How long has the site been on the Internet? Is it safe for people to enter their personal information there, like credit card numbers and email addresses? Can you find an online coupon or promotion that will help bring down the cost of your laptop purchase even more?

If buying a cheap laptop means making some sacrifices, then it wouldn’t be worth getting one. For instance, if you are looking for something basic with no bells and whistles, you should be able to buy an affordable laptop without breaking your budget. You may not get all the latest technology with it – but at least there won’t be any monthly payment plan required to make it yours!

It is possible to score cheap laptops from big-box names such as HP or Dell. But if you are looking for something a bit more jazzy, consider brands like Acer, Asus or Lenovo. If you are trying to buy a cheap laptop then there are many laptops that use the Chrome OS instead of Microsoft Windows software.

Other Brands to Consider

As mentioned above, Dell is one of the most popular manufacturers in the world when it comes to desktops and laptops. The same goes for Hewlett-Packard (HP). You can find some incredible deals on HP laptops when you go online. However, regardless of the brand name attached to your laptop purchase, make sure that what you are getting is at least 2 years old with no more than 4GB RAM! Anything less will leave you disappointed in performance.

When you are shopping for cheap laptops, make sure to take a good look at the laptop manufacturer’s warranty. Even though you are buying a lower-end laptop, it is better to have 1 year warranty than nothing at all! This should be standard on most new laptops these days no matter what your budget is.

How can I buy Cheap Laptops?

There are other companies that offer cheaper alternatives to name brand laptops, but they usually don’t include much in terms of warranties or customer support to help you out if something goes wrong with your purchase. If price is your biggest consideration – then by all means go ahead and see what you can get from these types of retailers. But please do not expect any kind of customer service once you have made your purchase.

However, there are hundreds of websites today that sell cheap laptops with an affordable price tag. Believe it or not – you can get one for less than $100 if you know where to look! You can even shop through online auction sites like eBay and score incredible deals on the best cheap laptops. Just be sure to choose a trusted seller so you don’t run into any problems after making your purchase.

Just because Best Buy offers the cheapest price does not mean they offer good customer service. If you ever need help, way too often it will take forever before someone resolves your problem; sometimes this is due to miscommunication issues with their overseas call center support staff (euphemism for terrible customer support).

That’s why we recommend Amazon. The support staff is well trained and you can expect them to solve your problem the first time around. Overall, Amazon is a much better choice than Best Buy or other big retailers when it comes to buying cheap laptops that are well worth the money.

Wrapping the Topic Up

If you want to acquire a brand-new laptop that will blow your mind at an affordable price, then you should focus on used laptops. These are usually good for around 3-5 years and give you the best performance for your money. Just make sure to keep track of all the equipment, accessories and software needed to use it properly!

When buying cheap laptops always try your local Craigslist or eBay first. You can also visit our site here for great deals. If none of these pan out, then turn to Amazon’s certified refurbished selection – often times they have used laptops in stock at deep discounts!

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