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Your Ajwa Khajoor Might Hold More Than Meets the Eye

by bettyingram
ajwa khajoor price in pakistan

The types of sumptuous dates in today’s world are abundant, to say the least, but Ajwa Khajoor is one that stands out to due its rich history and demand.


With its roots going back to Madinah, Ajwa dates have held a special position with respect to its link with health benefits along with having religious affiliation with Muslims across the globe. However, apart from its Islamic significance Ajwa Khajoor is known to aid in having a healthy lifestyle as well. Ajwa is known to have a shiny white texture around its curves on the outer body.


Dates are meant to energize people as it has also been revealed in a Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that 7 Ajwa dates taken in the morning protect one from being poisoned or enchanted. It has also been hailed as being “from paradise” in another Hadith. Ajwa is also believed to have healing effects on its consumer as quoted by the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


There’s a reason why every Ramadan sees a spike in Ajwa Khajoor price in Pakistan and across other Muslim countries. Dates are considered to be an essential part of fasting in this Holy month for Muslims. Hence, everyone tries to get the best of best dates for their fasting meals. Although bazaars were being flooded with them already but now the demand has taken over the online market as well. There seems to be rising demand for the purchase of Ajwa dates through online channels. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit our world, everything has started to go digital. Although the digitization era had already started the pandemic certainly sped up the process. The buying market of every sector has had a drastic shift towards online purchases over the last few years. Therefore, the market of dates is not any different from them.


Dates are a mix of sugar, vitamins, proteins and fat. They make up for a highly intensive diet if one makes their intake their routine. On top of these attributes, Ajwa also has a smooth texture which makes its consumption ever so delightful. The enriched soft consistency of Ajwa sets it apart from others of its kind. The sweet and savory flavor of dates gives them a balanced combination making its appearance ambiguous between a fruit and dry fruit for someone who isn’t familiar with them.


A simple date can have minerals, fiber, and other natural elements packed into it. This goes on to show how much of an energy dates tend to have. From potassium to calcium, every basic mineral can be consumed through dates. Dates are an easy and accessible way of getting lots of nutrients in your body at once. Dates are known for being appetizing and flavorful while being in a single bite layout. Their clear digestion allows kidneys and liver to be free from any burden. Hence the urinal structure remains in an orderly manner.


The fibers of dates, in general, are known to help in constipation and hemorrhoids while also making the digestive system remain resourceful. These fibers are also known to contribute towards better heart conditioning. The rich minerals present in dates serve various areas of the human body positively. This means that the magnesium in the dates contributes help make blood pressure levels better and reduce inflammation issues. A higher intake of magnesium has also been found to reduce any risk of having a stroke.


An Ajwa Khajoor online order is not dependent merely on the demand of it around Ramadan. There are plenty of medical benefits of Ajwa that make it a hot seller. For instance, the high level of sugars in it serves medically for any fatigue-ridden patient. Other than that they are known to reduce cholesterol levels too. From Heart patients to skincare enthusiasts everyone tries to get their hands on Ajwa dates to cater to their needs. Ajwa is known to improve eyesight and skin. It is used for treating hypertension as well because it has been found to build up the human nervous system. Ajwa dates also complement the treatment of anemia and dementia.


It is believed that Ajwa dates help women during their pregnancy as it acts as a muscle stimulant for the womb. Along with that, it is also said that it can heal infertile men to the stage of being able to have children again. Although bearing a child is an unparalleled blessing but it can also come across as a selling tactic. Vendors usually support such arguments just so that Ajwa dates price in Pakistan tends to increase with such rumors.

However, it cannot be completely denied by anyone as the post-pregnancy benefit of dates is backed by some studies as well. So maybe the healing powers Muslims attribute to it are finally true. One can never say for sure unless a scientific study is done to either erase or confirm such claims. For now, it is safe to assume that Ajwa Khajoor’s healing ability can be taken in the context of restoring the fertility of men but without any solid scientific backing.


Ajwa Khajoor continues to be one of the top-notch dates that the market has to offer. The demand for it is only going to increase with each passing season. Even if the scientific studies are done which eliminated the top claims of Ajwa supporters, Muslims would still hold a sentimental value towards it. Their religious history is attached to this date. Hence it would be safe to assume that as long as it is linked to treating infertile men, Ajwa Khajoor price in Pakistan would not fall. The popularity of this celebrated date is not going to diminish in the near future as the demand for Ajwa Khajoor online order continues to grow. With the rise of E-commerce due to the pandemic this market is only going to spread.

An Abyssinian who had a thick nose, small eyes, dark complexion, and lameness was noticeable when he walked. He was busy picking dates from the bushes of a garden, these dates were not soft and also different from other dates in taste, while the color was dark and the grains were very small, the swinging dates were the last fruit of this garden, in the city. He intended to sell them so that he could raise some money, but no one wanted these dates. At the same time, a voice came saying, “O Abyssinian, this date is as black and dry as yours.” There was a tingling sensation in the heart and tears flowed from the eyes.

Syedna Bilal, who was an Abyssinian slave, rolled up his palms and sat down in the swing. Yes, the same Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who is the ruler of the two worlds. He asked Bilal (ra) why he was weeping. And he shouted, “People, this palm is ajwa, it is a cure for heart disease, it is a cure for paralysis, it is a cure for seventy diseases, and people!” He is the chief of the palms, then he did not stop saying this, but said: He who eats it is safe from magic. The scene changed when Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) who was sitting in a bush till a few moments ago and was sitting in a daze, was now enriched by Rehmat-ul-Alamin, Prophet of the End Times, Messenger of God (peace be upon him).

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