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Know How to Solve ‘Gmail Not Syncing’ Issue

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Know How to Solve ‘Gmail Not Syncing’ Issue

Are you a Gmail user? If yes, then we know that Gmail has always helped you with its various features. Be it the fast messaging option or the video meets but
Gmail is a very important part of your life. But it can be a problem if you face a syncing error. This error makes it difficult for your mobile to connect with your Gmail account.

Gmail sync issues always create a problem if you are accessing your Gmail account from your mobile phone. There can be many causes for this problem but the solution is quite easy. You just need to re-sync your mail account by following our guide.

Causes of Gmail not syncing Issues

You may wonder why is Gmail not syncing with your device. So, allow us to highlight some of the basic reasons for this problem.

  • A data transfer can generate an error which makes it difficult for the
    application to work properly.
  • It can also happen due to connectivity issues with your device.
  • Glitches in the app or the phone may lead to this problem.

Fix the issues of Gmail not syncing

When looking for solutions for the problem of gmail not syncing on mobile data, you may look up the Internet. The web provides a lot of solutions but we will give you the most reliable one.

Follow our instructions to sync your mail account with the app.

Try a Manual Sync

You can try syncing your Gmail account from the app. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to perform a manual sync.

Enable Automated sync

You can also use the automatic syncing option. For this, you have to open the menu in the Gmail app and then select Settings. Now you can sync Gmail from the data usage section.

Check the Connection of your device

While performing sync you should always ensure that you have a good network connection. You should be online to sync your email account with your mobile phone.

Recheck your Password

You should check that you have the correct password entered. You can verify this by logging into your account on mail.google.com. Try changing your password to see if Gmail sync happens.

Update the Application

If you are not getting Gmail syncing mail notification then you can also see if there is a new update of the app. Installing the newest version can solve the syncing issues with your mail account.

Clear the app data

You should also clear the unnecessary storage of the Gmail application to resolve any glitches with the application.

  • Open the Settings and then click on Apps and Notifications.
  • Now select the Gmail app and then hit on the ‘Storage & Cache’ option.
  • Then confirm and clear the Storage of your app.

Use all these methods to fix the syncing issues you have with your Gmail application. Now if you still have any issue regarding the Gmail application then you can surf the site ‘Emailspedia’.

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