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Is Yahoo Account Key Better than Two-Step Verification?

by billyskirrow

If discussed “Is Yahoo account key method better than two-step verification” then the possible answer you’ll get to this question while reading this blog.

In the case of “two-step verification” even if you have entered your password in order to login to your Yahoo account, you will still need to verify your login using your mobile phone (you’ll receive an SMS on it).

And, in case of “Yahoo Account Key,” you will be happy to know that you don’t need to type your login details such as password or username ever again. All you have to do is just approve the login by using your Yahoo Mail App push notification. And, it will notify you in case of forced login attempt into your account from a new device’.

So, if we look in terms of ease factor then definitely, ‘Yahoo Account Key’ is better than the ‘Two-step Verification’ but now let’s look more into its details to know how reasonably secure is “Yahoo Account Key” method.

It allows you to log in to your Yahoo account easily without entering any details. Sound cool? But it is great or cool till the time you have your phone because if your phone was stolen then the thief also will get access to your Yahoo account and its content easily. This way one can say that there are many possibilities of the fact that Yahoo account will then be easily getting hacked with the help of the yahoo accountkey. However, do not get panicked if your account got hacked as there are options available related to the Yahoo account recovery process.

Now, coming back to the point; sometimes users also face the problem of the Yahoo accountkey not working. It sometimes takes longer than usual time to send push notification in order to login to the Yahoo account. So, to conclude one can say that Yahoo looks more at the convenience at the expense of security. Basically, the Yahoo account key method is not as effective as two-factor authentication as it doesn’t ask for any second verification.

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