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Why Block an IP Address on Your Home Router?

by kellball

While the network technology progress has protected internet security, in the real world there are still many methods to infect a person’s or business website, email, or personal details.

But before that let us understand what is an IP address?

What is an IP Address?

Blocking IP addresses might be one of the most effective ways to enhance your Internet security, but what good is the knowledge if the IP address concept is new for you.

Compare an IP address to your street address. Imagine about your place where you live – you receive shipments, bills, and guide your know ones to your house by sharing them a combination of alphanumeric details. That combination – your home address – is used to figure out your current location.

IP address work in the same manner.

Each device that is connected to your home WiFi routerlogin is assigned by a unique number, known as IP address.

The device’s IP address allows the other devices to interact with, send and receive information from each other on the Internet.

In simple words, without the IP addresses, the devices will not be able to communicate with each other.

How do IP Addresses Look Like?

Even though everyone connects to the Internet with the help of IP addresses on a daily basis, but many of us don’t know about how does an IP address looks like.

There are two forms of an IP address. The first is IPv4 and the second is IPv6, where IPv stands for Internet Protocol Version.

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)

IPv4 was invented in the 1970s, Most of the devices are still working on the IPv4 to use the internet, but that began to change in the year 2011 with the introduction of IPv6.

  • IPv4 address is a combination of four numbers between 0-255, separated by dots, or so-called periods.
  • An IPv4 looks like

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Organizations like the Internet Society has launched IPv6. It addresses uses an octet alphanumeric system, separated by colons.

  • The IPv6 is conceivable and will not run out soon.
  • An IPv6 looks like 2001:0db8: 0370:7334:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e.

Why Block an IP?

There are various reasons that an internet user, educational institution, or any business firm would attempt to bock an IP. Usually, the most general reasons are:

  • Blocking Spammers and Hackers: When spammers and hackers try to attempt to crack your website, it can put a heavy load over your bandwidth and may also decrease your internet or website loading speed.
  • Limited Website Access: Many businesses or academic institutions use IP blocking to restrict the websites so that only the employees or students can visit. The goal is typically to increase productivity.
  • Protecting Information: Hackers or intruders often try to hack a website to steal important or personal information related to you or your business. This information can be used as the purpose to blackmail or to sell it to the black market.

This aforementioned list only seems like the tip of the iceberg, There are countless reasons behind Why to block an IP address on your home router. For more routerlogin.net you can contact us anytime via comments.

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