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Best Employee Time Tracking Apps

by Murarish
Employee Time Tracking Apps

The Best Employee Time Tracking Apps 2022

Is that manual employees’ timesheet review annoying you at the end of each month? If yes, you might probably be thinking of alternate ways to solve the problem. In this digital era where everything is online and digitized, why go back to primitive methods? Gone are those days when punch cards are used to be a one-stop solution for attendance tracking of employees. With the latest innovation in technology, the employee time tracking system can provide more flexibility. 

The card punching machine can record the attendance of your employees in your computer or server and your employees cannot check the same by their end. They can raise a dispute and lodge a complaint against the authority. To avoid such hassles, you can simply implement this time tracking system in your office and you can give access to your employees to check their timing and attendance on regular basis. They can download a dedicated mobile app in their phone to track their attendance. 

Investing in a time tracking app not only helps eliminate the hectic manual effort behind a spreadsheet but also makes the entire process a lot easier and more accurate. Besides, a time tracking app reduces malpractices at the workplace such as buddy punching and time theft, which in turn creates a positive work environment and enhances trust for your clients. 

Best time tracking system apps 2021: 

While the app-based employee time tracking system reduces the overall payroll hours and benefits both the employee and the organization in so many ways, the real challenge lies in choosing the best time tracking app that suits the needs of the particular concern, meets client requirements as well as provides the optimal rate of accuracy. Based on market research, we have curated a list of the best employee time tracking apps for 2021.  But, apart from the following apps, you can also customize your own time tracking app by a developer. 

  1. Connecteam – As per the latest reports of the US Department of Commerce, Connecteam is recognized as the best employee time tracking app for remote teams. It offers the best tools and user experience, particularly for the employees who are working from their home or remote location. Connecteam provides complete oversight on the admin dashboard and mobile app to the management. 

On the other hand, employees can directly access the app through their mobile phones as well as access the desktop dashboard. It allows employees to easily clock in and out with a GPS time stamp, and view current and previous timesheets. Employees can also add notes through this app. 

Connecteam allows the management team to keep a track of employees’ location and status in real-time and automate the payroll process with minimal time and effort. 

  1. Toggl – Toggle is one of the easiest and most user-friendly apps when it comes to time tracking. It just needs a click to clock in or pick up from where you left and even if you forget to put on the timer, there are the Toggle button and desktop apps to remind you. The app also offers the option of manually entering the hours or integrating the calendar if you don’t want to use the real-time tracking system for your employees. Moreover, Toggl helps in multiple chores apart from time tracking such as project planning, candidate screening, and hiring as well.
  1. Timecamp – Timecamp is another easiest and best app in the line of employee time tracking software. It is a desktop app that completes timesheets filling in no time. It allows the tracked time to turn into an invoice with billing rates ready for client review.  Timecamp is the best choice for larger teams as well as freelancers looking for app-based time management. 
  1. Proofhub – Proofhub is another great employee time tracking app that serves as an all-in-one tool for both managers and teams to deal with some of the critical aspects of business such as project planning & organization, management, time tracking, and delivery. 

The Bottomline – Employee Time Tracking Apps – Time tracking is crucial across all business verticals to ensure proper time management and enhanced productivity. Thus, to avoid turnover plummeting, an app-based employee time tracking system is a must.

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