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How does virtual number enhances customer experience

by sharmaniti437
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Globalization has empowered businesses of all sizes across industries to go beyond their local geographies. What has essentially helped the most is a strong communication project. It is only robust communication that has to do with these transcendental transactions. And not only amongst organizations, the presence of robust communication channels for customers has played an instrumental role in helping businesses transcend boundaries. Cloud Communication and Virtual Number Providers have been a crucial part of making business truly revolutionized in this day and age.

Customer experience has changed by leaps and bounds and it is not the same as what it used to be only 10 years ago. Various studies and reports have pointed out that a great customer experience is often the differentiator for businesses, surpassing even product quality at times.

Communication is a central part of Customer Experience. In this article, we will explore how a To buy Virtual Number and implementing it correctly can aid a business in enhancing customer experience, but let us first understand what a Virtual Number is.

What is a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Phone system is hosted on the cloud and it is not physically related to any hardware or traditional phone lines. It empowers companies to redirect and route calls from one device to another or even IP Addresses and phone numbers. Since a Virtual Number is hosted on the cloud, it is referred to as  an“online number”

Traditionally  phone numbers were made to function with a single phone that connected the phones physically to the service provider’s phone lines. Any calls that are made to the number of the business or home could be only dialed to the specific location the phone is physically present in. For a company, a Virtual Phone Number offers better flexibility, reliability  and control over their processes like support, sales, etc. by removing the aspect of hardware/infrastructure or any CapEx. There are a number of Virtual Phone Number providers in the market that let companies buy Virtual Number of their own.

How Virtual number enhances customer experience

  1. Run a single Customer Care Number

If a company uses a single virtual number to advertise for its businesses, it can conform to uniformity with respect to communication in different departments. The Virtual Number can be linked to various teams and processes in the organization and when a customer calls, he/she can be seamlessly routed and connected to the most appropriate person. This would lead to a smooth customer experience by reducing the number of phone numbers the customer has to dial in order to reach the right person.

  1. Protect the privacy of its customers

In order to optimize their resources, businesses often outsource voice support to 3rd party BPOs. While it does aid them in managing customer support in a cost-effective manner, it puts customer details like phone number and other crucial information at risk.

One of the easiest ways to manage this is by implementing a virtual number. So in place of the customer’s original phone number, the company can map a Virtual Number to the Customer dynamically. After the transaction or interaction is done, the number is unmapped. This  helps protect a customer’s information and ensures privacy of the customer post the transaction period.

  1. Let Customers reach you anytime, anywhere

Since a Virtual Number is not connected to any phone lines or hardware, it is extremely flexible and empowers a business to run customer support and sales operations well beyond office hours. Calls can be routed to an agent’s phone number so that a customer can reach the business in times of need, whatever the time may be. This can be extremely beneficial in case of start-ups who are at the stage of building brand loyalty. If a customer is able to get its query solved instantly, it would lead to an extremely gratifying customer experience.


Customer Experience is central to business growth. And it makes immense sense for a business to implement one in their communication strategy. There are a number of Virtual Number Providers in the market that let companies buy Virtual Number of their own for seamless voice communications. Knowlarity, a leading cloud communication company, offers a robust Virtual Number solution that is cost-effective and can be integrated with other cloud solutions and CRM of the company for highly efficient operations.

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