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Different Species of Dogs

by stylz
Different Species of Dogs

Who doesn’t love dogs? These lovely creatures are called man’s best friend for a reason. From their spunky personality to the unconditional love they give to your humans is undeniable. Your family is incomplete without a dog in it and that is a fact.  Different Species of Dogs, read review.

However, with so many breeds out there, it is definitely hard to find one that will suit your personality and fit perfectly fine in your lifestyle. You certainly don’t want to get a dog that does not fit you. That would be a recipe for disaster for both you and the pet you get.

To help you out and make sure you get the right dog, here are different breeds of dogs out there in the world waiting to be loved, treasured and adored by besotted humans. 

German Shepherd

Better known for their intelligence and their obedience, German Shepherds are originally from Germany but they are now found everywhere in the world. They were once herding sheep dogs, but now they are lifetime companions. They are easy to train, they are strong, obedient and intelligent. The male dog can be as tall as 65cm whereas the females can be 60cm tall. They have the most gorgeous red/black or tan/black colors and live for more than 10 years. 

Golden Retriever

Known to be family dogs who shed a lot, Golden Retrievers were originally from Scotland but they are now found all over the world. They are one of the most trustworthy dogs that you can find in the whole world. They are highly intelligent, reliable and very kind and gentle. They are the best dogs to get if you have little kids in your home. The male can be as tall as 61cm whereas the female can be 57cm in height. They are often guide dogs and can live for up to 12 years. 


Expensive, but adorable, Poodles are originally from European countries like Germany and France. These dogs are like royalty. They like to be pampered, they need to be taken care of and they are slightly more high maintenance than any other dog breed on our list. These are active, faithful, intelligent and very easy to train. A poodle can be as tall as 45cm but the shortest can be 35cm. They are available in white, black, brown, chocolate, tan and grey. They can live for as long as 15 years. 


Furry, cute and indefinitely adorable, Pomeranians are the ultimate example of cuteness. These demanding and precious little pooches come from central Europe, but they have conquered the hearts of everyone around the world. These are small in size and were once very popular with the royalty back in the 18th century. These dogs can only get as tall as 20cm and get as heavy as 3.5kg. They are very energetic, very playful and sociable. They are friendliest dogs and intelligent, so they will enjoy learning tricks and doing any activity in which they can run around. A Pomeranian can live up to 16 years. 

Once you have the dog of your choice, make sure you hondenspullen kopen that suits their size, age and their breed. 

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