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Top 5 Biggest Auto Car Race Shows and Best Motoring Events for 2022

by Janki Patel
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Join the thousands of Petrolheads in the best motoring events of 2022, ranging from international motor shows to car festivals, Formula 1 races, and motorbike TT events.

There is nothing like car-sharing love to bring like-minded people together. So it’s no surprise that thousands of petrolhead cars attend shows and festivals every year.

Events are a great way to get close to incredible cars and bikes and even take them for a test drive. You can preview the latest releases and rediscover the old classics or watch adrenaline-filled races with the best drivers in the world. 

Due to the challenges facing the event industry in 2021 and the consequent massive cancellations, We have an impressive entertainment lineup and expect more voters for these motoring shows in 2022.

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Take a tour of the five most significant and best car and motorbike shows and festivals in the world in 2022, including auto racing news today and motorsport highlights.

I. Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT races are back with an unexpected event, and the 2022 actual road racing is about to return to form at home after some challenging times over the years.

The racing schedule has been announced and remains unchanged from 2020, so you can enjoy four races and a total of 8 races. The world’s greatest road racers come together to test themselves on the famous 37.73 miles ‘Mountain Course’.


The biggest car show in the UK is back! Visit London’s Evolution Battersea Park in the summer, see a whole host of cars, and learn about the latest technology innovations. Carl Cox Motor Sport showcases an exciting selection of all major car brands from its passage and historical and iconic vehicles. The motorsport and motorcycle areas are also welcome to the London Motor Show for 2021.


2022 marks the 8th annual London Classic Car Show at a new COVID-compliant venue that allows visitors to ignite their autonomous passion in the beautiful surroundings of Zion Park. More than 500 stunning classic cars will display with extra feasts to entertain and inspire viewers of all ages.


The 2022 Le Man’s race will be the 90th race of the world’s most famous endurance race held at La Sarthe on the legendary circuit. It is the pinnacle of sports car racing with the best cars and well-known drivers in 24 hours. The race starts at 3 pm on Saturday and ends simultaneously on Sunday. Check out the Grandstand for an exciting motorsport experience.


Ride on two wheels for the UK’s largest motorbike show at NEC Birmingham. Check out the incredible motorbike showcase and talk to the manufacturers about all your questions. You can also sit on the bike and try out the best accessories and merchandise. Live events include stunt performances, a wheel challenge, power demonstrations, and bike question quizzes.

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