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Being the Best Mom You Can Be

by rawat

Prepare to be Unprepared

So the birth goes fine, you raise the child to adolescence, and when a teenager he drives a friend’s beat-up pickup truck into the lobby of the school. What do you do? Quick! The cops are knocking at your door, and little Billy is nowhere to be found Mom!

The truth is, you did something like this when you were a teenager. When you were a child, maybe you painted on the walls. When you were a baby, perhaps you were colicky. Human beings do things incomprehensible and unpredictable even to those closest to them.

As a parent, it’s not a question of whether you encounter such situations. The question is: what will you do when they come? As a mom, you want to have your mind ready for this kind of thing. Following we’ll explore three tips that can help throughout motherhood to be come a Best Mom, from birth until your child is of legal age.

1. Simply Be There

While the hypothetical scenario at the beginning of this article is a bit extreme, it turns out many young people are able to get through a lot worse; not because they have legal resources, or because they’re exceptionally skilled, but because they have a loving family that is there for them. This doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made.

The value of being there for your child as much as you can from the time they’re born to the time they “leave the nest” is incalculable. You’ll be their stationary point.

Sure, your child or teenager may fight with you on something, but when they need help, who are they going to come to? Make an effort to organize your life and parenting such that you’re there for your child as much as is possible.

2. Find External Support As Needed

You want help for when things get beyond you or your spouse’s ability to handle. For example, when you bring your baby home, you may find that nursing is more difficult than you anticipated.

Well, if you find options in breastfeeding support beforehand, you’ll be able to get over this bump in the parenting road relatively easy. Secure external support options like this in advance.

3. Strategically Acquire Additional Income

Parenting is expensive. While you’re pregnant, and after the baby is born, you and your spouse need to continuously consider how you can increase monthly income for the sake of your children, and for the sake of yourselves.

Giving reviews online, working part-time locally, acting as a chaperone at school, or a substitute; all are options that could work. Find what works for you and your spouse. Remember, you still need to “be there”.

4. Keep a Health Checklist for You and Your Child

Part of being the best mom you can be is staying on top of all of the things. One important way to do this is to keep a health checklist. This will help you to stay on top of everything that you need to do, from eating well to getting enough sleep, as well as staying physically active. By having a health checklist, you can make sure that you’re staying as healthy as possible, while also making sure that you’re sticking to your routine.

Here are a few healthcare professionals to consider; look into pediatric care, optometrists, audiologists, otolaryngologists (ENTs), podiatrists (doctors specializing in feet), orthopedic pros and others that might be relevant – there’s a wide variety of options! You’ll want to have healthcare professionals readily available in case of an emergency.

Overcoming Notable Challenges

Securing additional income, finding external support, and simply “being there” represent some of the strongest things you can do as a mom. It’ll be a challenge, but you can rise to that challenge, and your children will thank you eventually.

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