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Asiwo: The Best Underwater Scooter 2022 – Buying Guide

by Murarish

Underwater scooters have been gaining popularity among swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers. Also known as diver propulsion vehicles, these devices make it easy to navigate through marine environments. Take a look at Asiwo Underwater scooter.

What Is an Underwater Scooter, and How Does It Work?

An underwater scooter is an easy-to-use underwater propulsion device that allows you to move quickly and easily under the water. While other propulsion gadgets are designed for use on the surface of the water, a water scooter may be used to depths of 70 meters or more. 

How to Use Underwater Scooters in a Safe Manner

When searching for an underwater scooter, make sure to find one that meets your needs in terms of run time, battery life, and maximum depth rating. Even when diving in shallower depths, it’s key to be aware of your surroundings as you could become easily distracted by the speed and miss any potential dangers. Other things to look out for are obstacles like kelp which could break the propeller on your dive scooter.

Here are the best features of the Asiwo Manta Underwater Scooter:

Powerful Build

The Manta underwater scooter is one of the lightest and smallest seascooters on the market, weighing just 7.7 pounds. It’s easy to transport—even on commercial flights—because it’s so light. It immediately sinks to the surface of the water when you lose your grip on it, which we appreciate a lot about it.

Best Performance

The Manta water scooter is powered by two motors and allows you to swim at a top speed of 5 ft/s. You may easily reduce the speed to 3.3 ft/s or even 2 ft/s using the three-speed mechanism if you believe it’s too much for you (or your kids) to handle. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, this fantastic gadget will undoubtedly appeal to you.

Strong Battery Time

The ASIWO sea scooter is a 5.0 Ah 25.2 V Lithium-ion battery that provides 126 watt-hours of energy for every charge and enables usage for up to 35 minutes; however, run time gets reduced when constantly operating the scooter on ‘fast’ mode.

But don’t worry–you have the option to upgrade to a 10.0 Ah 25.2 V Lithium-ion battery, which provides 252 watt-hours of energy: twice as much power as the base version!

Safety Features for All Users

The Manta sea scooter is a must-have for any family vacation since ASIWO took great care in making it safe and child-friendly. It has a security mechanism that prevents misuse and 100% encased propellers to avoid injury from casual contact. In the event that you lose control of this water scooter, it will automatically shut down and float to the top for easy recovery. Furthermore, because of an innovative technology that improves the motor’s performance while keeping balance and stability, you may utilize it with one hand without wobbling.

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