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Revision strategies every CLAT aspirant must follow

by manmohany
CLAT Coaching Institute Indore

When it comes to preparation for competitive exams like CLAT, it is necessary to understand that out of so many concepts, tips and tricks, one can miss out on some. The solution that comes handy is timely and exhaustive revision. Many students perceive revision in a different manners. While few find it to just brush past the important topics, to a few it is quite similar to revisiting the entire concept again. However, to save your time, energy and effort, here are few tips to make your revision efficient. Read on to know more:

  1. Understand the importance of brevity:

Whenever you revise, you know that you have already mustered the concept well. So while revising the topic, it should be quick, comprehensive and in brief. So make it a point to prepare cheat codes or make notes of things that you tend to forget often. And all of this needs to be as brief as possible. You won’t have enough time to brush past the entire book just a day before the exam.

2. Make use of diagrams, and flow charts:

Do you agree that your brain tends to remember visuals more than texts? So harness this power of your brain. Try gathering the concepts in pictorial forms, which becomes easy to revise any particular topic. However, not all topics need to have a diagram.

3. Devote equal time:

Mostly, if a student is weak in either legal reasoning or English, he or she tends to devote less time to such subjects. While one must make it a point to devote equal time revising every subject. It is very much possible that the one you had revised a day before comes up as a question in the exam the next day. So never skip any weak topic.

4. Take help of crash course:

While this might sound like an addition to an already difficult and stressful time, but here is when you get to learn a lot of tactics to expedite your learning. It also gets you the required gusto to cover the entire syllabus efficiently. Online live classes by expert mentors like that of LegalEdge are way helpful in doing so.

5. Keep your resources to the point:

It is a usual trait of students to stock up as many books and study material, mocks, as possible. But remember, their quality matters. Also, your time in revisiting the same is quite crucial. So simply focus on the study material that your mentors tell you to practice. This helps tremendously while revising any topic.

Agree it or not, revisiting is a tool that every successful candidate must have practised. But, in the dearth of time, you have to be efficient and show you efficacy as well. So follow these pointers to stay ahead of others, especially at a point when CLAT is just a few days away.

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