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6 Things Will Urge You to Go to Jaipur

by Jacob Barlee

Rajasthan’s lovely Pink City Jaipur was once the bastion of a ruling family. The city’s three hilltop castles and a succession of mansions are prominent tourist attractions. The buzzing bazaars of Jaipur, which are known for Rajasthani handicrafts, textiles, and footwear, have a timeless character and are a buyers’ paradise.

History of Jaipur 

The first capital of Rajasthan is Amber, and it is 11km from Jaipur. Because of water scarcity, the kingdom decided to relocate the capital to Amber. On November 18, 1727, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II established Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Food of Jaipur 

Jaipur is very well known for its food, especially fast food. People of Jaipur are known to eat spicy food. There are many food items that are famous in Jaipur like kachori, Gol Gappa, Dal Bati Churma, Mutton Tikka, Lassi, and many more things. So now let’s discuss every food item in detail.

1. Gol Gappa or Pani Puri

Gol Gappa is a well-known and delectable street cuisine that has long drawn travelers to Jaipur. People of every age group love to eat Pani Puri, and girls have a special love for Gol Gappa. This little Gappa’s delicious and mouth-watering taste will make you a lover.

2. Kathi Wraps

There are many different variations of Kathi wraps to choose from. If you enjoy wraps and seek a destination, you can sample a wide range of Kathi and chicken wraps.  

Kathi Wraps will make you fall in love with them.If you are visiting Jaipur then your Jaipur visit will be incomplete without eating Kathi Wraps. 

3. Egg Varieties 

The city of Jaipur is nothing short of a delight for egg lovers. Even at 2 a.m, the town boasts many outstanding locations where you can have some fantastic and delectable omelets. The omelet mix & match and fusion are the specialties. 

4 Mutton Tikka

People generally think that Jaipur is a city of vegetarians. This is true but not completely. There are a lot of people who love to eat non-veg food also. There are many non veg dishes famous in Jaipur, but one of the most famous things is Mutton Tikka. The juicy, spicy, and mouth-watering mutton tikka will blow your mind. So if you are a non-veg lover, then mutton tikka is a must-have dish in Jaipur. 

5 Lassi 

As we all know, the temperature of Jaipur in the summer is high. So if you want a drink that can energize you in the summers of Jaipur, then it is Lassi. 

People believe that Lassi is only famous in Punjab only, but there are many famous outlets of Lassi in Jaipur also. One of the most famous outlets of Lassi in Jaipur is Lassi Wala. His shop is more than 100 years old. Almost everybody in Jaipur knows Lassiwala, and people are big fans of their Lassi.

6 Soda Lime Water

As already mentioned, the temperature of Jaipur is very high in summers, so there are a lot of famous local drinks in Jaipur. One another such drink is Soda Lime Water. It is also known as Soda Shikanji. 

Soda Lime Water is very famous in Jaipur and the entire Rajasthan. Many small shops sell Sada Lime Water on the roadside. If you are traveling in the summers of Jaipur and if you drink one glass of Soda Lime Water, then your body will be energized. So if you are visiting Jaipur in the summers, then Soda Lime Water is a must-have drink. 

7 Chaats

Jaipur is among those cities that provide the best chaats in the country. You will find varity of chaats in Jaipur like Sey Chaat, Bhel Puri, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Raj Kachori, Dahi Papdi Chaat, and many more such things. 

Food lovers come to Jaipur from different parts of India to taste Jaipur’s Chaat. There are many shops in Jaipur that are famous for Chaats. So if you are planning to visit Jaipur, then make sure that you prepare a list of Chaats that you want to have in Jaipur. 

8 Jalebi

Jaipur is the hub of Jalebi. It is one of the most common morning snakes combined with Samosa, Poha, and Kachori. In winter, people at night eat Jalebi with hot milk. Kulhad Milk with Jalebi in winters is one of the most amazing combinations. 

Jalebi is also one of the oldest sweets of Rajasthan. So you will find people of all age groups eating Jalebi. So again, if you are coming to Jaipur, then Jalebi is one of those sweets you should eat.

9 Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda is a delicious sweet dish of Jaipur. Kulfi Falooda is one of the favorite dishes of locals as well as tourists after food. It is also served in weddings, parties and households. 

Kulfi Falooda is one of the must-have dishes of Jaipur.  

10 Rabri Ghevar

Rabri Ghevar is one of the oldest sweet dishes of Rajasthan. It is famous all over Rajasthan. As it is one of the oldest sweets of Rajasthan, people of all age groups love to eat Rabri Ghevar. 

Tourists also love to eat Rabri Ghevar. This dish is so famous that no tourist leaves Jaipur without having it. Many sweet shops in Jaipur are famous for Rabri Ghevar, like Aggarwal Sweets, Sodhani Sweets, Rawat Sweets, and many more such shoes. There are some roadside shoes that prepare delicious Rabri Ghevar. So if you are visiting Jaipur and you are a sweet lover, then Rabri Ghevar is a must-have dish.

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Places to Visit 

1. City Palace

City Palace has flourished in the core of Jaipur’s Old City for nearly three centuries. The faeries palace, which is still the residence of Jaipur’s contemporary royal family and is more abundant and lovely than you may expect, is guarded by towering fortress walls.

2. Amer Fort

Best things to do in jaipur, Amer Fort is located in Rajasthan state, around 11 kilometers from Jaipur. Raja Mansingh constructed it in 1592. The red marble stone edifice reflects Hindu-Muslim architecture.

3. Nahargarh fort

The Nahargarh Fort, which overlooks Amer and Jaipur, is a magnificent structure. The twelve queen boudoirs were connected and painted. The fort offers some spectacular views of the city and is a favorite picnic area for locals.

Art and Culture of Jaipur

There are 29 states in India, each with its unique culture and traditions. Still, Rajasthan is one of the best ones, abundant in every way, whether we’re talking about celebrations or gatherings for actual events. There is a Chaska Fair, an Elephant Fair, and a Chhat ka Mela. But Teej’s fair has something unique to offer amid all the others. Many Rajasthanis still wear turbans as a sign of respect for their traditional attire. They dress colorfully and speak various languages, notably Rajasthani, Hindi, and English.

Politics of Jaipur

Jaipur’s politics are controlled by three political parties: the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Rashtriya Loktantrik Party, and the Indian National Congress. The Indian National Congress leads Jaipur’s present administration.


Jaipur is known across the world for its one-of-a-kind arts and crafts. Jaipur is a city steeped in colorful culture and traditions, reflected in the city’s residents. Jaipur’s food reflects the city’s regal heritage. The foods are highly healthy and contain a lot of ghee, mawa, and dried fruits.

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