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Ralco Ecoracer– a new eco-friendly tyre for motorcycles launched at the Indian Auto Expo 2020 by Ralco Tyres under its parent brand Ralson India Limited. Ralson is India’s largest producer and exporter of bicycle tyres and tubes and owns a market share of 40% with its widespread network in 70 countries. The company’s annual turnover has experienced steady growth to over 800 crores in 2019, Ralson has now designed a blueprint of their new expansion plan to get hold of the entire two-wheeler tyre industry worth 2 billion dollars. Being a newbie in the two-wheeler tyre segment, Ralco already holds 5% of the share in the tyre market in the Indian automobile industry/two wheelers and two state of the art production facility in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The Ralco Ecoracer 120/80-18 motorcycle tyre is completely eco-friendly since it is manufactured with a high proportion of silica. Silica being a natural substance reduces the usage of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and petrochemicals used for the production of regular tyres thus reducing carbon footprints. Ralson India claims that silica reduces carbon dioxide emission and also helps reduce friction between the tyre and the road resulting in smoother tyre rolling thus enhancing the engine performance and increased traction and fuel efficiency. The cutting-edge tread design makes the Ecoracer tyres much more durable and maintains great riding balance and safety.

Besides reducing carbon footprints and enhancing engine performance, the Ralco Ecoracer tyres are also recyclable. Ralco Tyres claims that the Ecoracer tyres can be recycled through the process of de-vulcanisation that enables easy recovery of materials from used and worn-out tyres. The dynamic tread pattern on the Ralco Ecoracer tyres provides a good and confident lean angle while cornering and also provides great grip on both wet and dry roads.

With the launch of the new eco-friendly 120/80-18 Ralco Ecoracer motorcycle tyres, Ralson India aims to cater to the intensely growing demand of two-wheelers mainly consisting of millennials and also entering a new track in Corporate Social Responsibility.

                                                                                                      -Arnab Sen, 28th May 2021

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