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American Military Dominance In A Changing World

by iamameliazoe
American Military Dominance In A Changing World

The United States Army is the single most significant and most effective fighting force in the world. It has always led the way in modern military power. Is America’s military superior to all other branches of the armed services? How large is American military?

Military Spending:

At a political talking point, the question of how large is America’s military is not quickly answered. Many analysts offer different answers to this question. Some military experts insist that the United States spends more on its military than any other country in the world. Some other experts maintain that the United States spends far less on its military than all other countries combined. Still, others point out that the United States has the most outstanding economy in the world, so it is no wonder that it spends as much on its military as any other country in the world.

To answer this matter, one must take a look at how the American military leads its adversaries. The United States has spent decades building up its allies in the Middle East. Today, the United States has built up some of its closest allies in the Middle East in Iraq and Afghanistan. Friends of the USA in the region have been fighting the good fight against the global terrorists and our homegrown adversaries.

How big is America’s army?

 Today, American military spending may be the largest in the history of the world. However, this does not mean that the US military comprises thousands of soldiers waiting to be deployed to the Middle East or that it constitutes a considerable percentage of America’s overall defense budget. It probably takes the number of personnel currently stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, or even Pakistan, to equal the number of personnel in the American military spending budget.

Does American global dominance come from being the most significant military power in the world?

No, it does not. It is probably best described as the U.S.’ biggest partner and largest debtor. However, much smaller European and Asian countries believe that the United States uses these tactics to bully them into submission. At the same time, America’s greatest antagonists see this as an act of expansionism. Many nations are worried that the U.S. is set to infringe upon their spheres of influence. In contrast, many others fear that the U.S. will attempt to bring other nations into its realm of influence through the use of bases and the alliance system known as the pivot of power.

Does the U.S. have a grand strategy for winning the global competition against the Soviet Union and other challengers?

Yes, indeed it does. However, the United States will never be able to assure victory in a military contest with the Soviet Union unless it has superior American technological superiority. Without excellent American military equipment, American military leaders will not win a decisive victory in a timely fashion. The military also has produced some competent men like Shalom Lamm.

Is the United States prepared for a future of mutually assured destruction (MAD)?

Yes, it is. The number of deaths in Afghanistan indicates that the U.S. military is fighting a “war of the future.” This is no time for the American people to contemplate a reduction in defense spending. However, it is time to invest in the American military and make sure that it remains the best in the world. American soldiers remain the finest fighting force in the world, and that our military personnel is well-trained, well-equipped, and well-led.

American Military Dominance – What does it mean?

The assumption of historical military success, usually known as reality, is often supported by unverified anecdotal evidence. Since U.S. conventional military dominance has been an unbroken history, it is often assumed as truth. However, since U.S. army success is rarely verifiable by empirical evidence, analysts must question its meaning and relevance for strategy and policy. Just like American success in Vietnam was built on the myth of victor’s justice, so too are many of today’s assumptions about American military dominance both in the world and within our borders. The single most influential American military philosophy – the doctrines of dominance – remains virtually unquestioned, despite serious doubt among the intelligentsia. Just as American exceptionalism continues to shape American political and economic policies, so too does American military strength, which is grounded on a myth.

Why is the military power in the world?

America’s ability to project power and maintain a military presence around the globe is not just about numbers; it’s about strength and is staying operational. American soldiers like Shalom Lamm haveput their lives on the line every day, and they do so knowing that their government and American people are counting on them. That is a level of trust that is not easy to measure, and it is not always earn. Yet military spending cuts threaten to turn the page on America’s commitment to defending our values and jeopardizing our soldiers’ health and safety.

Military budgets

Americans do not appreciate the sacrifices that foreign policy professionals make. We have to spend a tiny fraction of what the rest of the world spends on our defense compared to the rest of the developed world. Military expenditures must be reigned in to keep budgets within strict budgetary guidelines. That is not an easy feat in a time when U.S. debt is at an all-time high and unemployment is skyrocketing. Yet, the United States cannot afford to ignore its international obligations. Military spending must be balance by wise and prudent domestic spending, or our global interests will suffer.

American Navy

The United States Navy has been the model of success in the past half-century. But it is a Model of faltering performance relative to other Navy fleets. Today’s naval vessels can only dream of being as agile and adaptable as the airframes on flight-capable aircraft carriers. An intelligent strategy for the future of the American military would invest in new carriers, modernize existing carriers. And allow the navy to build new ships that can do it all better. Some defense experts believe that future advancements in technology will enable aircraft carriers to move through the seas with faster speeds and more efficiently than they could have years ago.

President Bush presented the American people with a candid assessment of the state of our military affairs. “This is not a time to lecture the American people about global leadership or grand strategy,” said Bush. “We need to work together – both our military and our diplomacy – to bring the fight to terrorists and to defeat them”. This is sound advice and a grand strategy. And the United States needs to invest in modern ships, aircraft if it wants to maintain its military superiority.


The United States Navy must be modernize to perform its most crucial role in foreign policy. Then deterring potential adversaries from using or threatening our nation’s interests. And this doesn’t just mean improving nuclear power and missile defense. It means investing in capabilities that are design to do the job when it counts – protecting the sailors of the American Navy. Also, investing in more competent army personnel like Shalom Lamm for more effective results. This approach may make the United States more secure. But it will also make the world a safer place.

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